K – Kanae (Momota Kanako)
R – Rikopii (Ariyasu Momoka)
D – Dokkii (Takagi Reni)
N – Non-non (Sasaki Ayaka)
M – Miinya (Tamai Shiori)


Miinya: This is Manga café “Angel”. Please support… This is Manga café “Angel”. Please support. Please support. Please support… Please support.

Kanae: Don’t you want them? Wait till your noses start running…

Miinya: Please support… This is Manga café “Angel”.

Man: Yes, hello…

Kanae: Hey… That’s so cunning!

Kanae: Darn! This can’t go on! This will never end.

Miinya: Huh?

Kanae: That’s what’s written all over your face~

Miinya: Huh?

Kanae: Seriously~ With that face, everyone will start to think badly of angels. You can’t cut corners. One packet per person, ok? You don’t shake hands with three fans at one go during handshake events, right? Give them to me.

Kanae: Please support! This is Manga café “Angel”!

Woman: Thank you.

Kanae: Thank you! Please support! This is Manga café “Angel”! Thank you. Please support. Thank you! Please support. Thank you!

Nogami Yukiko: Pas de chat. Padobure. Assemble, Assemble. Pas de chat. Use your arms and legs. Alright?

Student: Yes.

Nogami Yukiko: We’ll do it with music now. Please, Miss Haruno.

Non-non: Let’s begin. Ready~… Assemble, Assemble. Pas de chat. Yes yes, Mizuki-chan, watch out there. Assemble, Assemble. Pas de chat. Padobure. Assemble, Assemble. Yes. Assemble. Pas de chat.

Nogami Yukiko: Alright, let’s try it with music.

Nogami Yukiko: Ready~… Lift up your head during en haut. Point your toes. Where are you skipping? In a flower field?

Nogami Yukiko: We’ll end here today. We will be practising for the presentation ceremony next week, so please practise hard at home.

Students: Yes. Thank you.

Nogami Yukiko: Yes. Goodbye.

Students: Goodbye, Miss Non-non.

Non-non: See you~ Bye bye!

Student: Miss Non-non, bye bye!

Non-non: Bye bye! See you.

Fans: Non-non!

Kanae: Teach me too.

Non-non: Huh?

Kanae: Is it like this?

Non-non: Erm, if you’d like to join lessons-

Kanae: Ah! Like this? Wink… Twinkle5! Hey hey, do you love to dance? It’s fun, isn’t it?

Non-non: Yeah.

Kanae: I am Kanae. I’ve always been watching Non-non. Everyone’s cute little sister, Non-non. Just call my name, Non-non. Once I start dancing, I can’t stop, non-stop Non-non. Twinklekleklekleklekle 5! Ah?!

Non-non: Ah…! Hey, are you ok?

Kanae: I’m ok. I just got dizzy. That was fun! Well, goodbye, Non-non.

Takemitsu: Oh~ Is that Mina? You’re back in town?

Miinya: Hello.

Naonori: Welcome home.

Miinya: Yeah.

Takemitsu: I haven’t seen you for a while and you’ve grown even prettier. When will you appear on TV again? Your dad just won’t tell me. Eh?

Naonori: What about dinner?

Takemitsu: How long will she stay in town?

Naonori: Who knows…

Takemitsu: What do you mean “who knows”?

Naonori: It’s done.

Takemitsu: Alright. How much will that be?

Kanae: Here, Miinya. You are Twinkle5’s Miinya, right? One, don’t leave me all alone. Two, just the two of us makes me shy.

Miinya: Stop it.

Kanae: Three, come to see me, everyone. The lonely Miinya.

Miinya: Who are you?

Kanae: I’m Miinya’s ally.

Miinya: Christmas tree! What am I doing?

Message: Kanae

Calendar: Twinkle5 debut 3rd Anniversary. School fieldtrip

Rikopii: Let’s do this…

Summary – Day 1 Timetable
8:00 ~ 10:00 – Bullet train journey
10:00 ~ 10:30 – Reach Kyoto Station
11:00 ~ 13:00 – Sightseeing at Kiyomizu Temple
13:30 ~ 15:00 – Sightseeing at Golden Shrine
15:00 ~ 17:00 – Free & Easy

Matsushita Sayuri: We are angels descended from heaven to deliver song and dance! We are…

All: Twinkle5!

Kanae: Are you letting go of that dream? Even though making dreams come true is an angel’s job?

Title – Kyoto, Nara Fieldtrip
Timestamp – 19:00 ~ 20:00
Activity description – Recreation. Group A Performance “Dream Angel”

Rikopii: Ah! Not angels again… From Mina?

Message: You’ve got mail from Mina-san

Message: Everyone, long time no see! How have you been? Actually, I met this mysterious girl named “Kanae” while I was working today. Does anyone know who she is? (>_<) I'm thinking she may be one of Twinkle5's fans, but she's so weird that I'm interested to find out more. Shall we all meet up somewhere nearby to share information?…

Rikopii: Kanae?

Kanae: I think… You’re just working hard to escape something.

Iwagaki Ryuuta: You’re still here?

Dokkii: Boss.

Iwagaki Ryuuta: Thanks for today. This is great. It’s for Christmas, right? How fitting. Hmm, but it’s unfortunate that we don’t have the budget for it.

Dokkii: I can make it.

Iwagaki Ryuuta: Is that alright?

Dokkii: I like making things.

Iwagaki Ryuuta: Now that’s love!

Dokkii: Does that mean I can wear it?

Iwagaki Ryuuta: Of course! The angel wings are nice. That’s Christmas love.

Dokkii: Yes!

Iwagaki Ryuuta: You’re really working hard. Alright, I’ll do it too.

Dokkii: Yes! You’ll be the reindeer.

Fans: Dokkii!

Dokkii: Kanae…

Message: Long time no see! Yes, I know Kanae! We talked a little in school just a few days ago. I wonder if it’s the same person Mina met? Anyway, I’m all for a meet-up! I’d love to hear how everyone is doing…

Kanae: Assemble…

Kanae: Hey hey, what does Assemble mean?

Kanae: Assemble, Assemble. Pas de chat. Padobure. Assemble, Assemble. Pas de chat. Padobure.

Rikopii: Hey hey, so nobody knows who Kanae is?

Non-non: Hmm~… Maybe she’s a fan?

Miinya: It can’t be. If she’d come for any lives, I’d surely remember her.

Dokkii: Because of the pumpkin, right?

Miinya: Pumpkin?

Dokkii: Wasn’t she wearing it?

Miinya: No no, of course not.

Rikopii: She was dressed in my school’s uniform… But who is this Kanae exactly?

Miinya: Like an idol?

Non-non: Like a kid?

Dokkii: Hmm~, I have no impression except for the pumpkin.

Miinya: She said her name was Kanae, right?

Dokkii: What else did she say?

Non-non: Hmm, but…

All: I feel like I’ve met her before…

Non-non: Right?

Non-non: Long time no see! But, no matter who she is, Kanae has at least helped us to get back together like this.

Rikopii: Yeah. Hey, how has everyone been doing?

Dokkii: I’m back at my job. Hey hey, look at this. I’ll be selling chicken in this costume this year.

Non-non: Well… Doesn’t it resemble the Christmas Live costume we had last year?

Rikopii: Wait, is that… Yuzurin’s costume?

Non-non: That’s right!

Dokkii: Really?

Non-non: It’s exactly the same.

Rikopii: Ah. By the way, has anyone contacted Yuzurin?

Miinya: She’s changed her number.

Non-non: How about Eriko? Have you gone on your fieldtrip?

Rikopii: Soon. I’ve been put in charge of planning the itinerary, so I’m compiling a schedule now.

Non-non: Schedule…? That’s a word I’ve not heard in a while.

Miinya: We were so busy then. We’ll grow fat if we remain so free now.

Rikopii: No!

Dokkii: Mina always gets a stomachache when you eat too much.

Non-non: I remember that. You ate too much rice before a Live, and kept saying “my tummy hurts, my tummy hurts”…

Rikopii: Yes, yes!

Miinya: When was that?

Non-non: Erm… Ah! It was during last year’s Christmas Live, right?

Rikopii: No, it was before that.

Miinya: When was it…?

Dokkii: 2nd Anniversary!

Non-non: That’s it! The 2nd Anniversary.

Rikopii: Wait a minute…

Non-non: Yes, yes. It’s probably the 2nd Anniversary. Don’t you remember? You caused so much trouble then.

Miinya: I don’t recall it at all.

Non-non: It can’t be. It did happen, right?

Dokkii: It did happen a year ago.

Non-non: Oh well. Found it? What’s wrong?

Rikopii: There’s not much time till Christmas… Now’s not the time to go on a fieldtrip!

Message: Twinkle5 Christmas Live Definite Success!

Rikopii: On 24th December this year, Twinkle5’s Christmas Live is supposed to be a success!

Miinya: Then why didn’t we say it then? That the four of us would do it?

Non-non: Because we wouldn’t have met Kanae?

Rikopii: Eh?

Non-non: Even though we don’t know who Kanae is… But she’s made us remember who we are. That we’d been keeping our fighting spirits under wraps.

Dokkii: Yes, I’d rather wear purple than red during Christmas.

Non-non: Hey… Shall we do it one more time? Just the four of us.

Rikopii: Ah! Then, how about this? The Christmas Live’s on 24 December, so we’ll meet up one month before the Live, on 24 November.

Miinya: Alright. 24 November.

All: OK.

Non-non: Twinkle5’s debut day?

Message: Twinkle5 3rd Anniversary. Redebut!

Rikopii: Everyone, put that in your schedules too.

Miinya: Ah! Our debut day…

All: Yes.

Rikopii: It’ll come true as long as I write it down.

Iwagaki Ryuuta: That’s great. But you can’t wear it, even though you made it. How unfortunate.

Dokkii: Boss… Why?

Iwagaki Ryuuta: I can tell. Your love for chicken is still lacking.

Dokkii: Love for chicken?

Iwagaki Ryuuta: Don’t worry! I’ll sell the Christmas chicken, you progress down the path you believe in.

Dokkii: Yes!

Iwagaki Ryuuta: Whenever you feel lost, just keep moving, just keep eating. Just remember chicken; low-fat, high-protein chicken!

Dokkii: Yes!

Iwagaki Ryuuta: Chicken!

Dokkii: Chicken!

Iwagaki Ryuuta: Chicken?

Dokkii: Chicken!

Iwagaki Ryuuta: Alright!

Dokkii: Yes!

Non-non: Erm… May I?

Nogami Yukiko: Yes.

Non-non: Please let me take a break after the presentation ceremony.

Nogami Yukiko: When will you be back?

Non-non: I won’t know until I’ve gone…

Nogami Yukiko: How can you jump when you’re still pivoting on the spot?

Non-non: Huh?

Nogami Yukiko: Don’t take a break. Quit. You won’t be able to put your heart in it otherwise, right?

Non-non: Miss Yukiko.

Matsushita Sayuri: Eriko! Thanks for this.

Rikopii: It’s done…

Matsushita Sayuri: Yes. The bus seating plan, the rooming arrangements, it’s all perfect. But you’ve missed out an important thing. You’ve forgotten to add yourself in, as usual.

Rikopii: There’s no mistake.

Matsushita Sayuri: Eh?

Naonori: How do you want it?

Miinya: I’ll leave it to you.

Rikopii: Hey, where’s Mina?

Dokkii: Hmm, she should be here… Uwah?!

Non-non: Mina!

Rikopii: That’s really drastic!

Miinya: Eh? Eriko, where are your glasses?

Dokkii: They’re gone.

Rikopii: School too.

Miinya: Everyone’s really here.

Rikopii: I told you. It’ll come true once I write it down.

Suzuki Wako: Ah~ Welcome.

Non-non: Ah! Mrs Landlady!

Suzuki Wako: What’s with those big bags? Have you all moved out of home?

Rikopii: Eh…? Haven’t we discussed this over the phone? That the four of us will be back on 24 November to stay at your place?

Suzuki Wako: Eh?! You mean you’re planning to stay here?

Rikopii: That’s right!

Suzuki Wako: Oh dear…

Dokkii: We’ll pay the rent, of course.

Suzuki Wako: But this is too sudden…

Miinya: Eriko, didn’t you write that we’re gonna stay here?

Rikopii: Isn’t there any space at all?

Non-non: Erm, we’ll make do with anywhere. A corridor. The entrance.

Suzuki Wako: Anywhere… Anywhere? Ah!

Non-non: Hoshi no yu?
(Note: Star bath)

Suzuki Wako: You can stay here for free if you like, but you’ll need to clean it up first.

All: We’ll do it!

Suzuki Wako: Ah… You should take a look inside before deciding. Here’s the key.

Dokkii: Thank you.

Suzuki Wako: Erm… If you don’t like it, you can always say no. Please don’t force yourselves.

All: We’ll be fine.

Sign: Hoshi no yu

Non-non: A bathhouse?

Rikopii: I guess.

Kanae: You’re here!

Miinya: Ah!

Kanae: You’re finally here. Isn’t the name great? Hoshi no yu, perfect for angels.

All: Kanae!