Posted on 2015-03-15 13:33:06

And, so!!!!!! (laugh)

Aarin started her meet-and-greet yesterday at Nijo,
then continued with sessions at Odawara, Chigasaki, and Ebina 󾬚

Thank you
to everyone who came (^ω^)

The nationwide pilgrimage was going strong,
but the solo sessions are all over—.

I’ve not had enough—.

Solo meet-and-greets made me feel lonely, and I always felt nervous about talking,
but it was so much fun (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Every venue was filled with truly heartwarming moods,
and I got to hear everyone’s voices,
so I felt it was the best meet-and-greet sessions!

I’m glad to have met everyone (`・ω・´)

Thank you so much 󾬍

I also visited Teradaya in Kyoto!

A cinema dyed in pink is the best scenery (。-∀-)

Till the very last session, all the Mononofu and Puninofu came to see me,
and I was just so so so happy (^^)

Because I’ll always really nervous that the cinemas would be empty!!! (laugh)

But now, I know that there are people around the country who support me,
and will be there for me.

I’ll continue to strive on!

The pink venues made me so happy 🙌

Thank you so much.

The sessions today will be hosted with my beloved Sao-san!

Let’s go in high spirits for the finale—!

Sasaki Ayaka


Misa’s note:
1. Sao-san is short for Saori, the character Kanako plays in Maku ga Agaru.