Posted on 2015-03-15 08:22:56

Good morning!

We travelled around the city for yesterday’s meet-and-greet sessions—!

Itabashi, Nishi-arai, Kinshi-chou, Nihonbashi!

There was this question which was asked during the Kinshi-chou session.
“On Akemi-chan’s copy of the Ginga Tetsudou no yoru script, there’s a ♥ drawn above Saori’s name. Who was the one who drew that?”

I promised that I would find out!
So I found out! From Sasaki-san!

“Who drew that ♥?” I asked!

And then…

“Aa-chan drew it with her heart. It’s embarrassing to tell someone straight, but she can’t control this overflowing love.
I can’t be honest,
but I want to deliver my feelings.
What can I do?
That’s right! A ♥!
I’ll draw a ♥ on this script that Sao-san wrote for me!
That was her intention.”

That was her truly overwhelming reply. (laugh)

Overflowing love… The pressure is frightening. (laugh)

And today will be the first time
“Aarin” and I are hosting a meet-and-greet together!

It’s also the last day of the nationwide pilgrimage!
So exciting…

I hope to deliver Maku ga Agaru to lots of people… (*^^*)

☆Yesterday afternoon!
Since it was White Day, I was at the white gyoza store \(^^)/
It was delicious ♥♥


Misa’s note:
1. Kanako replaced a character in Aarin (あーりん) to become 圧ーりん, where “圧” means “overwhelming”.
2. Akemi is the character Aarin plays in Maku ga Agaru, while Saori is Kanako’s character.