Posted on 2015-03-14 00:48:19

We hosted kan TAKAHASHI yesterday!
in ZeppTokyo! ☆
Live house concerts are really great, huh—? 🎶
We all wore Aarin T-shirts designed by Tama-chan!!
What…pressure! (laugh)

Then, today’s

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Izumo Airport (´ω`)
During the meet-and-greet at Izumo, we chatted about holding a concert at Izumo Dome.
It’ll be nice if that can really happen someday!

And, I had soba for lunch
at a soba restaurant named Hazumiya,
and it was just so delicious!! ♥
I even licked the soba ice
in the end (^^)

And then, we headed to Tottori on a full tummy!
I bought so many souvenirs at Tottori!
Tofu chikuwa, Japanese leeks, pear jelly, pear juice!!
ILOVE Pear(。-∀-)♥

Then, we headed to Tottori Airport ( ・・)♥
It was red lights right before my eyes! It was just so beautiful, even seen from afar!
Thank you so much for seeing me off till the very last minute!!!! (*^^*)

I’ll definitely come again, so wait for me!!