Posted on 2015-03-14 02:42:33

Okinawa— ♪
When I appeared, everyone suddenly used color paper to create the “Momo” (杏) kanji of my name…
The banner also made me really happy too— (*^^*)

Most importantly, I’m glad to be able to do what I really wanted to do at Okinawa (*’-’*)
When we came here to host a Momoclo concert the last time,
it was during the period when I lost my voice, so I didn’t manage to sing.
Today, we all sang the island song together, and it was just so great that I cried~ .:*:゜☆
I hope all of Momoclo will come here next time to hold another concert— (*>∀<*)

And then,
I headed to Aichi Prefecture’s Higashiura next!
I was really so happy
when everyone sang a really heartwarming happy birthday song for me— (*^Θ^*)

Seriously, Ariyasu,
you cried at both Okinawa and Higashiura today…
This is too dangerous…
At this rate, I’ll run out of Ariyasu-sui (laugh)

I’ll return to Aichi Prefecture again tomorrow evening,
so wait for me— ♪

~Today’s photo~
MomoKanako ♡
taken when filming the scene on the platform of Ginga Tetsudou station