Posted on 2015-03-14 19:52:52

Ahh— It’s over…
My last solo meet-and-greet session

Today, I visited Touin in Mie Prefecture,
then ended off at Tsushima in Aichi Prefecture ☆

And just as I was
finally slowly getting used to hosting 30-minute chat sessions on my own—…

But I reaffirmed one thing!!

That I’m really bad at talking de-ariyasu (・Θ・;)

I’ve always stood quietly to the right side,
nodding in agreement to what the other members say,
so to ask me to stand in the centre and speak is just— >∀<*)

Thanks to everyone's consideration,
no matter which cinema I visited,
I was welcomed with wonderful costumes and a warm atmosphere,
and the entire venues were all dyed in green (* *)

There can't be a place happier than that, really (*T T*)

Thank you so much ♪

Today, lots of people were dyed in green as well
for my final day as a teen,
and to spend that time with my be—————loved Mononofu and Momonofu
was such happiness de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)
With this, I’ll be able to welcome my 20th year with no regrets ^ ^ ♡

To everyone who sent in congratulations
and cheers for me
even though they couldn’t meet me at the cinemas

Thank you ♪ I’m really grateful de-ariyasu (*>∀<*)

Just one more day left of the nationwide pilgrimage ☆
Tomorrow is the last!!

Finally, all the members will gather
and have lots of fun together——— (*^o^*)