Posted on 2015-03-13 05:36:14

Yesterday was Zeep Tokyo ♪

Thanks to everyone who came to the venue,
and everyone who watched the LV (*^Θ^*)

It’s been a while since we’ve been to Zeep Tokyo.
We’ve held numerous concerts there,
and it just brought back lots of memories ☆

Everyone also congratulated Aarin on her graduation ♡

TAKAHASHI once a month!!
Everyone’s power each time is so awesome (*>∀∀<*)

Even better,
it seems like more people went to watch the LVs showing around the whole of Japan this time

It's really awesome each time~!
And my heart feels so full de-ariyasu (*’-’).:*:゜☆

Before I knew it, my last concert as a teen
ended in just the blink of an eye ^^;
With us dressed in Aarin T-shirts, drawn by artist Shiori (lol)

Oh! About my shoe flying off during the show—
Well, it was truly a Momoka-style accident |Θ・)

To retain the feelings of youth like a teen ←
But to exert the charms of an adult ♡

In addition,
I also hope to deliver my feelings and power ☆

So everyone~ Please support me (*・Θ-*)

And to the people who quickly went to purchase “Seishunfu”,
and the people who went to watch the movie, plus “Maku ga Agaru, sono mae ni.”
Everyone, everyone~ Thank you! (*^Θ^*)

Today, I went to Okinawa → Aichi
Just 3 more days of meet-and-greet left ☆

I’ll go full of smiles, so please support me~ (*^O^*)

Off shots taken during the movie filming!

There’s still lots more photos,
and I’ll upload them next time—
Also look forward to photos from the nationwide pilgrimage— (* ̄ー ̄*)