Posted on 2015-03-04 00:17:03

Today, we appeared during KISS-san’s
concert at Tokyo Dome——!!

Thank you ( •∀•)/

It was really the best!!!

Aarin was so excited that she lost all self-control (laugh)

We all danced and sang together (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Ahhh, it was so much fun 😌😌😌😌😌

She still can’t believe
that she stood on stage together with KISS-san (^^) 💦

Her excitement still hasn’t cooled off yet.

And then and then!
Paul gave us all electric guitars as presents 💓💓

All of them even signed on it ///

This will really become our life treasure!!!

Where shall Aarin display hers—?! (。-∀-)

She’ll look at it everyday!!

No, she’ll worship it everyday! (laugh)

They suggested that we’ll all perform “Rock and Roll All Night” together next time

So Aarin will work even harder at guitar practice (`・ω・´)

Oh, that’s right.
She received sticks from Eric during yesterday’s rehearsal too!!

Ahh, but she forgot to take a photo 💦

She’ll treasure the sticks too!

Ahh—, it was really so much fun—

To think that she really stood on stage with KISS-san just a while ago—

KISS-san’s aura and power
and the audience when seen from the stage

It’s all burned into her eyeballs!

She hopes that she’ll get to stand on stage with KISS-san again someday.

good night 🌛

Sasaki Ayaka