Posted on 2015-03-04 00:46:55

Has everyone already gone to watch
movie “Maku ga Agaru”—?

There were really so many firsts we had during the movie filming.
While learning lots of things from the director, cast and staff members, I did my very best to bring out the character of Takahashi Saori!!

We laughed, cried, worried, thought hard, got frustrated,
went all serious over some things and crazy over others

Those days were just all about youth,
all about sparkling life.
So this movie is full of such youthfulness!!

It just makes my heart clench—! Please go experience it at the cinema too (´ω`)

So, we performed during KISS-san’s Tokyo Dome concert today—!!!!
KISS-san is always so cool and kind,
but mischievous too!

We got so excited together with all the staff as we watched KISS-san’s concert before it was time for us to perform!!!

I got so excited that the thought of appearing on stage later made me so nervous… (laugh)

But the performance was so much fun,
and the time really flew by, so it did feel a little sad at the end (._.)

But we made lots of promises together with KISS-san (*´∀`)
So I’ll pray to see them again really soon… ☆

So grateful for this wonderful meeting that is really just like a miracle!!!!

I hope I’ll be able to speak English soon…! (・・)