Posted on 2015-03-02 01:16:14

Is already here~

The meet-and-greet on the second day of the movie’s release is at


San-san! ♪

Everyone was so lively that I became lively too!
Backstage was all decorated with messages from everyone too. I read them all and brought them home with me (OvO)

Thank you so much~

And next, I headed out to Itami!
The cinema and staff all liked my previous idea, so I made my appearance from behind the cinema!

Were you all surprised—? (lol)

Itami, Maa-kun’s hometown, was also a heartwarming place!

And last, Hakata! All 5 members gather!
We held an impromptu event at the train station, and the meet-and-greet!
I was shocked at the number of people who turned up!
Thanks for waiting for us in the cold!

We’ll be at the Yafuoku Dome next month too, so everyone is really supportive.

Anyway, every single place is so warm, I love them all!
Thank you so much for today!