Posted on 2015-03-02 17:46:34

Ehh—… (? ?)

I’ve not blogged for about 2-3 days,
and there’s already so much that I want to write about— (* *;)

Ermm— First~

MSta MSta ♪

KISS-san is in Japan right now, so~

Well! Well! ☆

We did a collab performance together
on 2 songs, “Yume no ukiyo ni saite mina” and “Rock and Roll All Night” (*・Θ-*)

Fufu! ♪ It seems like
I really have a destiny with large people (* ̄ー ̄*)

Isn’t it great? ♪ Isn’t it great? ♪

Well, to KISS-san,
we must appear like mere children ^^;

Every time we meet them, they’ll call us cute names
like “tiny” and “7 yaers old” de-ariyasu (*・Θ・*)

But there were people who said that when Eric carried me bridal-style at the end of MSta,
it looked like he was carrying a baby—!!

Hey, that’s exaggerating a little! (`・Θ・´) (laugh)

Just 2 more weeks,
and I’ll be a true 20 year old de-ariyasu (*`・Θ・´*)

He told me that it was “alright to hit the drums ♪”
during “Rock and Roll All Night”,
so I got into the mood
and was totally enjoying myself
that I really crashed the cymbals ☆ with all my might! (^m^)

Live performances are definitely so much fun——— (*>∀<*)

Ahh— Can the concert come sooner? (*’-’).:*:゜☆

Oh!! We'll be making a small appearance
on 3 March with KISS-san at Tokyo Dome— (* *)

Alright, let's burst out———!!!!!

And then and then,
the meet-and-greet sessions are proceeding well too ♪

2 days ago, I visited Ikebukuro, Roppongi and Shinjuku
And yesterday, I visited Oita and Hakata— (*・Θ-*)

To everyone who was at the Hakata meet-and-greet ☆

There were some who came from far away too! .:*:゜☆

Thank you all! (*^^*)

At Shinjuku 2 days ago,
aside from Director Motohiro and Hirata Oriza-san,
Shiga-san and Kuroki Haru-san were there too ♪

The movie has finally been released,
and it really feels like the curtains have been lifted across the country ☆

Oh! At Oita,
the surprise 7-tag call for “words”
really made me shed grateful tears de-ariyasu (*T T*)

Then, Hakata!!
Despite the sudden announcement,
everyone managed to rush down (← Mononofu is always amazing! (* *))
Thank you for that too— (*^^*)

Maybe some people out there
have already watched the movie many times??

Thank you so much! (*^Θ^*)

Oh! To those who have yet to watch it,
please please make your way down to the cinema
when you have the time! (*・Θ-*)

And the TV programmes too.
Thank you for always
watching and writing in your reviews! (*^^*)

Grateful ♪ Grateful ♪

And this year,
I think we’ve received the UStream Award again (* *)

And we’ll be hosting a 24-hour session again~
Everyone— Get ready!! ☆ (laugh)

(I’ll definitely do a MomoKatari if there is time too— (*・Θ・*))

And then and then…

I heard Akko-san’s radio
on Saturday too ♪

I was just so very happy
that the tears just came (*T T*)

If only we can get together again
someday, on some programme…

Oops… Now I’m being a little greedy ^^;

Though I’m also afraid of lots of things… Sorry (*_ _*)

No!! But…!!!!!

Isn’t it normal to be just a little greedy
when it comes to things you like or want?!! (`・Θ・´)

So I’ll work hard de-ariyasu! (*`・Θ・´*)

Next week will continue
to be another busy week

But surely everyone has their own things to accomplish as well?? (*’-’*)

So let’s tackle them together, one by one— (*・Θ-*)