Posted on 2015-01-30 23:58:04

Yahoo— ♪

There’s only 1 more day left in event-filled January!!

That said, this week was really eventful too—

During Anime Kouhaku on Sunday,
my beloved song “words”
officially received approval from the one and only motsu-san,
and we did the very first collab ☆

We also got to perform
“Geragerapo” and “Youkai taisou”
It was really so much fun (*^Θ^*)

It was a long event,
but to everyone who got crazy with us all the way till the end~
Thank you so much— ♪

And then, the meet-and-greet session for “Maku ga agaru”!!

We performed the complete version of new song “Yume no ukiyo ni saite mina”!!

We also did filming for TV programmes
and lots more— ☆

To everyone who came to watch,
and everyone who bought the CD,
and interested parties who bought preview tickets for the movie

Thank you so much— To all of you— (*>∀<*)

We would be touring the country for meet-and-greet sessions,
so there’s lots of chances to meet everyone this year— ♪

There are lots of TV appearances lined up in February too,
so for those who can’t make it for the events,
please look forward to those instead— ♪

There’s lots of things coming up, so please check them out! (*・Θ-*)

And so,
I’m a little late from the start,
but my 2015 has finally begun…

Right now, I’m just overflowing with willpower to do so many things .:*:゜☆

Singing, acting, this and that,
there’s just so many things I want to try

So I’m always (*>∀<*) ← like this de-ariyasu!!

Oh! By the way, it’s been a while
and I feel like doing Momokatari~
I’ll go ask Kawakami-san about it ♪

Oh! Yes yes,
my birthday goods will be revealed soon,
so look forward to that— (*^Θ^*)
I’ll be happy if everyone likes them~ ♪

And so,
these photos are quite dated,
taken during Anime Kouhaku ☆

There are more photos and selfies
I’ll upload them next time if I can— (*・Θ-*)

Fufu! ♪
It’s been a while since my last entry,
so writing this has been somewhat fun (*>∀<*)

I guess it’s because
I can receive everyone’s power here (^Θ^)


1. “Momokatari” is a combination of “Momoka” and “Katari (talk)”, the name given to Momoka’s chat session on UStream.