Posted on 2015-01-03 23:10:15

Happy new year…..

Before that,

Everyone, I’m really sorry…
To have caused so much worry…

I really brought so much trouble
to the members and staff, as well as Fuyumi-san and NHK
I’m really truly very sorry

I’ve got all my vaccinations done,
but at the critical moment,
I still fell ill with influenza…

I feel so regretful and pathetic that I want to cry de-ariyasu…

But because I took medication early on,
my fever went down by the night of New Year’s Eve,
and all 3 of us in the family
sat in front of the TV
and waited anxiously for Momoclo’s performance

During the first part with Sakamoto Fuyumi-san,
seeing everyone with green nails and sashes made my heart burn

Watching everyone dance with smiles
really gave me so much energy

I laughed at Reni’s Kakashi

When the costumes came together, I remembered our rehearsals and felt a little lonely

I finished watching the performance with mixed feelings

I thought lots about
the other members’ feelings
and the Mononofu-san’s feelings…

I’m really sorry to Fuyumi-san

And then and then, Momoclo’s main performance…

But once the show began

All 3 of us started to cry

Maa-kun’s green mic
The fact that there was a spot left vacant for me
Aarin holding up my smiling face
The venue lighting up with green penlights for a moment

And most importantly,
the costume with all the messages written by the Mononofu
split and worn by the other members,
so that my costume got its chance to appear on stage

Kome-chan… And everyone who helped with that
Thank you so much

I could hear the Mononofu-san’s voices from the venue

And the recording created by everyone
during Momokuri

That day, I became a Mononofu
and sang loudly together at home

As part of “with Mononofu JAPAN”

The members brought my costume together on stage with them,
and called me and sent me messages,
telling me that the next time
“We’ll appear, all 5 of us!!”

The kindness and warmth of Momoclo
penetrated into my heart once again,
and I couldn’t help but cry

And the Mononofu-san’s voices…
I remember crying during Momokuri,
and I cried again during Kouhaku…

It was really so awesome

And to everyone supporting us at Akarenga
And everyone supporting us outside NHK
And everyone watching over us at home
Thank you to all of you

At the same time, I’m really really sorry
that our third performance lacked one member
and we couldn’t deliver a full performance…

I’ll definitely take my revenge on that someday
So everyone, please lend me your strength when that happens

After the show,
the members called me
But because I was too shy,
I couldn’t speak much even though there was so much I wanted to say…

But I was really happy

As usual, Reni made me smile
by launching into her comedy style,
and though I couldn’t really deliver
my true feelings of gratitude to them

I’m truly glad to be part of Momoclo, from the bottom of my heart

And then, the Mononofu-san
Hm?! Why have I been typing
“-san” all this while? Now that I notice it, it feels a little weird
Sorry, I mean, the Mononofu…

I’m truly glad for all the Mononofu

It’s been 3 years since I last watched Kouhaku at home,
and I truly didn’t expect to do it this time
So there were lots of mixed feelings

But I mentally brought myself through the performance as I watched the show
‘I would probably be feeling nervous backstage now’
‘Would I be on standby now, climbing those set of steps?’

But my only wish was for the other 4 members
to enjoy appearing on Kouhaku again this year, and to perform a perfect show!!

And after that was Ustream
It was, as usual, done in a totally relaxed~style, just like how Momoclo always does it
But it feels totally different,
watching it at home and really being there in person…

I kept screaming to myself the entire time,
“Ahh, I want to be there!”~ Really

Reni, thanks for doing a greeting on my behalf
You did a good job (laugh)

I’ll definitely revive totally for Ore no Fujii!!

This year is going to be a raging one
So everyone~ please come along with us

If you feel that I’m going to stop anytime,
please give me a push on the back

Ah! This entry has gotten so long…

Happy new year .:*:゜☆

Thank you to everyone
for the best 2014 ☆
Thanks for all your support ☆

Please somehow continue to support Momoka
in 2015 as well (*^Θ^*)