Posted on 2014-11-27 15:36:13

We did it———!!!

Our appearance on the 65th Kouhaku Utagassen
has been confirmed ☆☆

This will be our 3rd appearance…
I’m just so happy.

The first time we were invited to perform,
I never imagined that we’ll ever get to see a (3)
attached to the end of “Momoiro Clover Z”.

Kouhaku Utagassen was our dream,
and no matter how many times we appear on the programme
it’ll always be our dream.

I mean, it’s the most wonderful way
to spend New Year’s Eve,
so of course we’ll dream of performing again and again.

It’s come true again this year.

Thanks to everyone!
It’s so happy to spend New Year’s Eve
together with everyone in front of their TVs!

Let’s all have fun together!

But 2014 is not over yet!
I’ll work hard for the rest of 2014.

Everyone, please support me ( ˆoˆ )/

Thank you so much.