Posted on 2014-11-23 18:10:30

Thanks to everyone who sent in their congratulations!

Today is the 6th anniversary
of when Aarin joined Momoclo! (^ω^)


Thank you so much to everyone
who had supported Aarin thus far.

Six years ago,
I wouldn’t have believed that so many people will support me,
and that I’d be able to meet so many people.

Because of everyone’s support,
because I want to see everyone’s smiles,

I’ve managed to come this far.

From now on,
Aarin will work hard
to stay as Aarin (。-∀-) (laugh)

No no, that’s not it… (laugh)

I’ll work hard to become an Aarin whom everyone can love ❤

Please continue to support me! (`・ω・´)

Momoclo’s birthday is actually on 17 May,
so nothing big happened on 23 November

But with six year’s worth of gratitude
I decided to write this entry! 😌

On this day six years ago,
I became a member of Momoclo.

It’s the proudest moment of Aarin’s life.

Thank you so much.


Twin tail Aarin ❤

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