Posted on 2014-10-23 19:45:29

It keeps raining—!
On such days, one just feels like eating oden! (^ ^)
And so, we’ll have oden for dinner at home tonight! ❤
My home! Wait for me! ❤

Today—, I felt up with some batchmates from school, and it was calming to chat with them—.
My heart somehow felt healed. (laugh)
It’s the alma mater love.

Alright—, change of topic. From 9p.m. this Saturday,
Takagi will be appearing on Hitachi’s Sekai Fushigi Hakken! *(^o^)/*
It was my 2nd time!!
I was really nervous the first time, so the programme staff Imayama-san gave me a handmade charm!

I left one on my table, and attached the other one on my hat!
So please look out for them!
Takagi really gave it her all this time, so please watch it if you can (≧∇≦)
See you soon!