Posted on 2014-10-25 22:52:04

Happy Halloween! ❤
This is American cherry, born in Texas!

We attended a costume party at Odaiba today!!
Lots of people were dressed in lots of different costumes!
Everyone, what would you have dressed up as? (^ ^)

Takagi became a 2-in-1 cherry with Aa-chan *(^o^)/*
Together, we are Yamagata!!
We’re always connected!
But we can still become detached!
But our hearts are still connected! ❤
Aa-chan! Let’s do this again sometime!

Wow—, we attended a parade and a concert too!
Miyake-san and Katou Ana dressed up too, and we all enjoyed the concert together!
The recording will be shown on Mezamashi TV, so! Look forward to that!
Prince Hans made an appearance too, and performed “Tobira akete” (laugh)

It was so so much fun!
Thank you!

So—, let us cherries blow away your exhaustion for the day!
Enjoy your meal!