Posted on 2014-10-16 01:46:31

Dream Fest ♪
I think lots of Mononofu were present at the concert (* *)
The number of penlights I saw from the stage that day was just shocking! ☆

Thank you so much to all who came (*^Θ^*)

And then and then,
Kokuritsu’s DVD & BD
plus Ariyasu Momoka’s Quick Japan special issue

They’re finally reaching everyone,
and people are starting to slowly watch and read through them…

Thanks for all your comments (*^^*)

It’s hard to watch the entire BD in one sitting,
so I watch a small part each day (*^Θ^*)
(I wanted to listen to the sub-audio too ♪)

Every scene
was totally filled with moment after moment of emotion,
so it’s easy to lose track of time and just keep on watching ^^;

By the way, I’ve also started on a drama I’ve been wanting to watch

Autumns have longer nights,
but I really need at least 30 hour days!!
There’s not enough time! (`・Θ・´)

Ah! A friend
sent me a photo of a rack of QJ magazines lined up at the bookstore ♪

It was a little embarrassing, but I’m also secretly really happy de-ariyasu (*>∀<*)

And I’ve also heard
that the Tokyo Metro subway trains have hanging ads of the magazine too (☆☆)

Whoa~ I’m amazed!!!

This is really too much happiness (*TΘT*)

I’m not really used to such attention
so it feels somewhat weird de-ariyasu (lol)

In this issue of QJ,
I decided to reveal all about who I really am

Many of the photos also featured my face without any make-up

In the interview too,
we touched on some topics which I don’t normally talk about,
so it felt like I was opening my heart up (*’-’*)

I’m not really good with words…
So I was a little worried that I won’t get my message across ^^;

But after reading everyone’s comments,
it seems like my message has somehow gotten through,
so I’m partly embarrased, partly ecstatic (*^Θ^*)

To QJ-san, who gave me the chance to do this special,
thank you so much ♪

Ah! As the editor’s note at the back of the issue says,
there’s actually alot more stuff that were edited out of the print issue ☆

If only there’s another chance so those material can be revealed too—
That’s my secret wish (*・Θ-*)

Today’s BGM is
Tsuki9’s theme song “Ashioto ~Be Strong”
It’s not on sale yet,
but I’ve been playing it on endless repeat since hearing the chorus on Mezamashi just now ♪

So~ These photos
feature Momoka, satisfied with her autumn sweets de-ariyasu ヾ(@⌒¬⌒@)

Heaping mont blanc ♪


Super delicious sweet potato
that mama always buys ♪

It’ll get really cold once night comes,
so everyone~ take care not to catch a cold (・Θ・)