Posted on 2014-10-12 20:06:13

D-d-d-dream Fest ❤ I’m a gorilla ❤

We performed at Dream Fest yesterday!
It’s been quite long since we’ve done a live.
My muscles ache like crazy today. (laugh)

But it was so much funnnnnn!
We sweated so much, more than outdoor lives even!
Cause we did a full 60-minute show!

We fully got to see the Mononofus’ faces!
Yesterday was just full of grand artistes, and in that midst, was Momoclo!
So grateful— (*^_^*)

TV Asahi-san, Matsuse-san, thank you!
And all the fans of other artistes who got all excited with us—!
It was a fun, wonderful 60 minutes!

Everyone, thank you all so much ❤
I really love concerts!
This one just made me feel that all over again!
Everyone, enjoy the rest of the long holiday!