Posted on 2014-10-05 23:33:22

It’s already October!

We’re already starting our countdown towards graduation at school (´・ω・`)

Things are slowly coming to an end,
and it’s really quite lonely.

The other members were all smiling though
as they sang a graduation song for Aarin!!! (laugh)

Seriously—, stop bullying Aarin—. (laugh)

She’s gonna cry?


But, graduation will come in March,
so there’s still time to enjoy herself————!!

Lots of things will happen in autumn,
but it’s basically an artistic season!!!

Aarin hopes to visit an art museum soon—.

She wants to go there
and be immersed in all those impressionistic masterpieces. (laugh)

There’s lots of exhibitions she wishes to see,
so she’ll be doing some museum-hopping!!!!

Visiting museums really calms the heart.

Maybe she’ll get Mama to come along too! (*´`)

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