Posted on 2014-06-25 00:25:56

We did the photoshoot for vivi today-!
It was supposed to be a house studio setting, so we really took so many shots at home! And it was really refreshing, because we did the photoshoot in usual clothes, instead of in costume!
Check out vivi’s September issue for more details ❤

We also used water guns during the photoshoot, and we ended up having so much fun that we forgot the camera was there, and started attacking the make-up artists! The vivi staff told us we could hold on to the guns, so we continued the fight even inside the car (laugh)

Well, it was like an early Bakasawagi!
Everyone, be prepared! (laugh)

Tomorrow’s finally the soccer match!
So I came for lessons today in soccer mood!!
And then, we had a real match during the midnight Momoclo-chan recording, so please watch it!
Hang on, Japan \(^o^)/