Posted on 2014-06-26 00:24:13




This is Momota Kanako, Hamamatsu City’s new Yaramaika ambassador!!! (*゚▽゚*)

And so! I was appointed today at Hamamatsu City’s city hall (^^)

I also received an appointment book and an exclusive business card!!!

I grew up in Hamamatsu,
and I hope to help it to grow into a better and more exciting place!

For lunch, we had my favourite, fresh genkotsu hamburger steak (*´ω`*)
All the staff members said it was delicious too! (≧∇≦)/

For dinner, we had Ieyasu-kun bento!!

Ah! I met Ieyasu-kun for the first time today ♪ He was so cute (^^)

Hamamatsu is really such a relaxing place~ ☆

Everyone, please come to Hamamatsu to play (´∀`)