Posted on 2014-06-16 17:07:59

Finally, the World Cup has begun,
and our family is supporting Japan- ☆

We lost yesterday’s match,
but there are 2 more matches coming up,
so we’ll be supporting them with all our mights de-ariyasu (`・Θ・´)

Japan, let’s get that goal!!

Japan, cha cha cha ♪
Japan, cha cha cha ♪

Oh yes, on Thursday and Friday,
Mama and Kanade-san went to watch a concert of their favourite artiste
and they came back healed, having received lots and lots of power ♪
Oh well, that’s a good thing (^^)

she borrowed one of my skirts
and dressed up really young for the concert- (* *;)

She also gave me a call, sounding so excited,
telling me “I’ve never jumped and screamed so much in my life~!! ♪”

Hey hey!!
“Why don’t you do the same for your daughter’s concert-?”
Before I could stop myself, I’ve replied that- (- -)

But she looked like she’s received so much energy,
and while her body now aches all over,
her heart probably feels recharged (*・Θ-*)

that’s all about Mama…

Yesterday was Father’s Day,
and I took up the challenge
of “Momoka’s fried food revenge campaign”
and decided to make handmade dumplings (*・Θ-*)

Fufu! ♪
Actually, it was my 2nd time making dumplings ☆

But the last time I made them
was on New Year’s Day 2-3 years back!!

I made them while Mama was in bed with the flu

And Papa helped out too
But they turned ou really well
So it was a great success ☆☆☆

And he said that they tasted the best
out of all my cooking he’s tried so far?!

Well!! That’s because I put in lots of effort,
and worked so hard on them~ (wistful eyes)

So the dumplings made a comeback yesterday ♪

They were a little burnt,
but since both Mama and Papa like their food “well done”,
the food was good for them (*^m^*)

Long ago, Mama and I gave Papa a wallet for his birthday,
and though it’s quite worn out now,
Papa still uses it all the time

And because it’s all old and worn out…

We always tell him to change it whenever we see it…

Now, we’ve finally gotten him a new one as a present de-ariyasu (≧▽≦)
It was such a splurge on my part (laugh)

Papa- ♪
I’m all grown up now too- (^Θ^)

Was yesterday a day full of gratitude for everyone?!
Ah! For those who haven’t said their thanks, it’s not too late (*・Θ-*)

※ Today’s BGM is Mr. Children’s “Hana no nioi”