Posted on 2014-06-10 21:57:08

I got to perform live
at Oohara Sakurako-chan’s All Night Nippon 0! ^ ^

I’ve always been a fan of Sakurako-chan, and to be invited to the programme
and hear that Sakurako-chan likes Momoclo too
was just like a happy love confession (*^^*)

I was really nervous at first because I was alone,
but we chatted and found that we’re the same age
and have some similarities.
We slowly got to know each other,
and it was just such an exciting time for us both (laugh)

Everyone who listened in
must have thought we were having a midnight girls’ party… (laugh)

Sakurako-chan is such a nice girl!

She apparently took the effort to decide on
a birthday present for me,
I was just so happy (*^^*)❤

And then, she sang Saraba live for me
It was just so cool!

To everyone who listened in,
thank you!!

And then, Saku!
Thank you (*^^*)
I’ll come again

Shiorin image