Posted on 2014-06-03 16:20:46

I went back to visit my elementary alma mater today-!
And I got to help out with the road safety classes for the Grade 1 and 4 students!

It’s been so long-!
The places where one grows up can really calm one down-.
It’s like returning to my roots!
Remembering myself when I see everyone there, and recalling lots of things-!

And all the students were looking at me with sparkling eyes-!
I wanted to pet them more-!
And all the teachers were as warm as ever!
The principal and teachers all knew so much about me, and I got to meet my ex-teachers too!
Teacher ○○ and I also chatted about how I always used to make her angry. (laugh)

And then, we ate the school lunch together!
I’ve not had a chance to eat this since I graduated, so it was great!
The taste of nostalgia ❤ So delicious ❤
Even the menus haven’t changed!

Ahh- My heart just felt so warm-!
This is a precious place that watched over me before I joined Momoclo!
So much I need to give back!

Everyone-! In order to protect the smiles of your loved ones, and yourself too, please obey the traffic rules. Let’s all get along well together ( ^ω^ )