Posted on 2014-06-02 00:12:39

Fufu! ♪

Here’s a real sheep~

as those who watch Momoclo-chan will know
those are mixed fried sticks of konnyaku de-ariyasu (*・Θ-*)

It’s this
fried konnyaku stick!!

because I’ve never fried stuff before

The process of making these is a whole new world…
Even though I’m so familiar with the end-product

I’d never have figured out the right way to make them on my own! (-.-)

And to achieve such a smoothly-fried stick (laugh)

I first tasted this fried konnyaku
at this fried stick restaurant in Kyoto a long time ago.
I still remember the taste
as it was so delicious.
I was a big fan of that place…

Yes, konnyaku is the best when fried… ☆

With such ideas,
I had a brainwave to try making them myself (^m^)

But but…
with such vague ideas
and no experience,
it was a huge failure at first- (–;)

Oh well, that’s just life (^_^;)

Oh yes,
I saw some clips of Kokuritsu on the news channel
and it brought back memories of that time spent there with everyone,
which stirred up my heart…

And that was my night… ← Oh, I was talking about yesterday (^_^;)

Oh, there’s some spelling mistakes in my previous entry again…
I’m sorry (>Θ<)