Posted on 2014-05-29 08:15:44

Hello, it’s been a while
This is Tamai \(^o^)/

I’ve not updated for such a long time. (laugh)

Hmm, recently…
Oh! I went on a movie marathon
and watched 2 shows in 1 day!

“Seiten no hekireki” and “THERMAE ROMAE II”

Wow, they are both so interesting!
I shall not write much about them here
in case there are people who haven’t watched them yet…

Movie marathons are great ∩^ω^∩
I wanna do another one… (laugh)

I’ve been obsessed with movies lately.

And reading too!
Isn’t that surprising? (laugh)

Today, a friend even told me
“stop carrying books around and pretending to be diligent” \(^o^)/ (laugh)

But I’m really reading (○´3`○)~♪

And that was Tamai’s current status report (laugh)

Shiorin image