Posted on 2014-03-18 16:00:10

It was the best 2 days.

A concert on the stage we’ve always dreamed of,
the National Stadium.

The view from the Olympic fire platform
was truly the best view I’ve ever had
in my life.

Even now, the fact that we had stood on the Kokuritsu stage just seems so unbelievable.

But the smiles and cheers
of all the Mononofu, and that sacred fire.
It’s all truly burnt onto my mind.

And then, we confirmed our resolutions again.

To bring happiness to lots of people.
To deliver smiles to lots of people.

That’s the wonderful meaning behind the formation of Momoclo
by the 5 of us. It’s just not coincidence.


To all the Mononofu,
will you continue to come with us
on adventures?

Not on a journey to achieve a goal,
but on an adventure to open new roads.

please continue to support us.

And then,
to the Downtown Momoclo band
who created the best concert
together with us again!
Thank you so much!

Everyone has been kindly watching over us all this time. So glad to have met you all.

And then, Takamizawa Toshihiko-san,
Tachiki Fumihiko-san, Matsuzaki Shigeru-san,
Tokyo Chorus,
Conductor Oonuki Hiroshi-san
Kei Grant-san, Anna Vieste-san
and all the staff

Thank you so much!

And then,
Momoclo’s best partner,
all the Mononofu.

Everyone who came to the venue,
or went for the LV,
or sent us encouragement nevertheless,
thank you to everyone.