Posted on 2014-03-18 22:16:51

Aaaaah-, it was the best-!

The National Stadium dream!

To everyone who came-!
To everyone who watched the LiveViewing-!
To everyone who listened in at Teshiro Park-!

Thank you for all your support! image

Everyone, everyone, every—one!
Thank you! ヾ(*・ω・*)ノ

And then, to the Downtown Momoclo band
the Tokyo Chorus, Oonuki Hiroshi-san,
Tachiki Fumihiko-san,
Matsuzaki Shigeru-san,
Takamizawa Toshihiko-san,
and 3B Jr

Thank you!!

It was so cold, was everyone alright?

Aarin’s all snuggled up at home now (laugh)

To think that the lives at Kokuritsu happened just 2 days ago! (laugh)

Whenever Aarin closes her eyes, she can still vividly recall
the view she saw from the Olympic fire platform.

Yep, she was really happy.

She just couldn’t calm herself down, so she couldn’t speak well
during the last greeting of the concert! (laugh)

It was just an inexpressible feeling.

And the concert was still going on.

She knew that the last greeting was coming up,
but she totally didn’t plan on what to say. (laugh)

In the end, she didn’t know what to say
and was totally incoherent! ( *´ω`* )/

It was only after the live that she could really take a breath,
and wish that she had said this or that. (laugh)

She really wanted to say something better! (laugh)

But some emotions just wouldn’t surface until the concert was over
So her mind was blank and she couldn’t focus—. (laugh)

However, to hold a concert at the Kokuritsu before its renovation
And to have everyone gathered there

It was just the most enjoyable and happiest
2 days!

Aarin is so happy-!

This dream of a live at Kokuritsu
has become part of Momoclo’s history.

A piece of history
that we created with everyone who has supported us.

It’s the best happiness-!

And all the balloons which floated high into the sky during the concert!

Aarin saw those balloons as the dreams and hopes of the staff who prepared every single one

And all the Mononofu around the country

And us… flying into the Kokuritsu sky!

She’ll never forget it.

She hopes it’ll get edited into video soon \(^o^)/

And then, she’ll watch it endlessly!

Everyone, thank you so much (`・ω・´)

Sorry she totally rambled on today (°∀° )/

Moving on to the 2 days of summer at Nissan!
It’s time to start running again—!

Look forward to seeing a newly-revealed us!




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