Ariyasu Momoka: So ho~t (≧▽≦)
Posted on 2014-02-28 15:48:31

Rehearsals at Kokuritsu have begun, and things are moving forward-

In the midst of it all,
we attended a Sailor Moon event at Zepp TOKYO, where we haven’t been to for a long long time-!
It’s also been a long time since we last sang Moonlight Densetsu,
and we also performed Tuxedo Mirage, which will be in the Sailor Moon album, for the first time

It was a crazy day de-ariyasu

When the rap part in Believe didn’t go well
the Momonofu’s passion filled me up and lifted me up again~

That heat can only be from the Live House
Can’t get enough of it—!! ❤



Caption: With King Records’ Sakumi