Posted on 2014-02-22 01:06:58

We had the EX Theatre live
on 19th and 20th! ∩^ω^∩

It was 2days of concert,
but it was a rich 2days with totally different happenings!

The 19th was
Momoiro Yobanashi Second Night “Gentou”

It’s chapter 2 of the acoustic live “Hakushuu” we held last year.

The live atmosphere
was different from the usual. It felt more mature, and we were all so nervous from start to end!

I got to perform
Ozaki Yutaka-san’s “Sotsugyou”.

I was really so nervous… (laugh)

It was truly a new challenge for me ^ ^

Then, Reni-chan, Kanako and I
became THE ALFEE-san…
Reni-chan took on her usual role as Sakurai-san
Kanako was Sakazaki-san,
and I was Takamizawa-san.
We performed “Hoshizora no distance”.

Wow, it was so much fun! ∩^ω^∩

Day 1 was filled with nervousness,
but it was a fun concert filled with new challenges.

Day 2 was
Oshiiro Manhattan ♡ ~Nantekotta Pannacotta~

And so, all the members
did a colour change!!!

And then, we switched singing parts too!

Through lottery,
I took on Momoka’s part… (laugh)

That’s such a high hurdle!! (laugh)

But imitating Momoka singing and dancing
was really fun in the end! (laugh)

I really love the Team “More support” song,
and I finally got to sing it this time round-! ∩^ω^∩

Even Yumi-sensei commented
that Shio-chan was so interesting this time (○´3`○)~♪ (laugh)

Takagi-san cried during the ending, but it was so so much fun!

I hope to do this again-!! ^ ^

To everyone who came for the concerts,
and those who watched it through LiveViewing, thank you!

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