Posted on 2014-02-22 01:01:38

Thank you for waiting- ❤

2days at EX Theatre!
For Day 1, we did the Momoiro Yobanashi “Gentou”
It was a frightening situation… (laugh)
We did a live with pure singing, casting aside the usual Momoclo dances!! And with a live band too!!
And then and then, Kume-san, who helped us out during GOUNN tour too, did the live narration for us!
For the solo section, I performed My Little Lover-san’s “Hello,Again ~Mukashi kara aru basho~”! ^ ^
I was really so nervous, did I perform it well?
How did it go-?
Personally, I was in love with Shiorin’s “Sotsugyou”, she was just too cool!

And then, Karashima Midori-san came and talked to us about deep things, and taught us so many things too, like how it feels to be immersed in music!
Karashima-san and Momoclo, having understood the meaning of song, then performed “Tashika na koto”.
Aarin’s rendition of Karashima-san’s “Silent Eve” gave me goosebumps too!

And then, THE ALFEE-san’s “Hoshizora no distance” was so cool-!
Especially Sakurai-san, as usual! (laugh)

There was also Kume-san’s narration together with Karashima-san’s “Ozashiki ressha”… We just did so many songs live. In short, this no-dance concert taught me so much, about delivery through expression, and enjoyment of sound!
I’ll be glad if everyone had received our message and enjoyed our songs!
I was so nervous and kept sweating, but I hope to do this more in the future!! ^ ^

And then, Day 2 was a complete change, with Oshiiro Manhattan ♡ Nantekotta Pannacotta-!
It was indeed a comical concert!

To begin with, we did an image colour change!
Takagi → Red
Tamai → Green
Momota → Purple
Ariyasu → Pink
Sasaki → Yellow
Not just that, we switched our singing parts to match the colours too-!
And it was all decided inpromptu style through lottery on stage! Wow-! That was brave of us! (laugh)

Kanako-chan’s parts are really so tough-…
It’s so high, and there’s so many important parts at the quiet bits, right?
But it was refreshing to sing as part of the “Supported team”-!
I was super nervous, but it was super fun! And singing another member’s parts gave me lots to think over.

But I still love my own colour the best.
It’s a colour decided by destiny, and I just feel connected to it.
So purple is the best for me!
And my singing parts too!
The others’ parts may make me feel envious sometimes!
But this concert made me realize “the importance of everyone’s roles”, and I hope to treasure my own parts more and help them grow.
Everyone has their own unique charm! And we all need to refine it continuously!

And then, seeing everyone waving penlights of the colour they support, and wearing clothes and accessories of that colour just made me want to go back to being purple!

Though the occasional switching will be fun ^ ^

I learnt so much these 2 days, and it gave me lots of think about too!
And then, most importantly, I truly enjoyed myself!

As Aarin said, it’s a blessing to be able to host such a concert before Kokuritsu!

Thank you ^ ^