Posted on 2014-02-17 01:12:55

It’s been continuous days of cold-!!

Yes yes, right now
Quick japan’s Takagi Reni special is on sale!
Has anyone seen it yet?

I’m so so full of gratitude to be featured on the special issue, and to have posters plastered on the local trains ^ ^

I went to Sugamo for this photoshoot. Well, it didn’t feel like a photoshoot. The staff wanted it to be like “a casual trip”, so it felt more like a private affair!
So I had fun as myself, and the crew made it a really candid session!!

I met and talked to lots of people, and it felt like such a once-in-a-lifetime experience-.
I felt like everyone was my friend. Sugamo is really a power spot!

And then, you can also feel the love in Kojima-san’s text, read the forbidden parent and child talk you won’t see anywhere else, and there’s also a psychiatric examination-!

It’s just filled with lots of Takagi Reni!
Please read it if you can!