Posted on 2014-02-09 10:40:19

Yesterday was the greatest day of snow throughout Japan- ( ´・ω・`)
We’ve never ever had so much snow in Tokyo before,
so we got really excited
and even had a snowball fight… ∩^ω^∩

But with so much snowfall,
it’s been really hard on traffic and things.

And it’s really easy to slip and fall, so be careful!

On Saturday,
we appeared live during Asahi TV’s Good Morning!

It was a live broadcast at Hakkei Island in Kanagawa Prefecture
during Ida-san’s weather corner!

We delivered the weather forecast
while eating delicious grilled oysters (●´艸`)

To everyone who watched it and Ida-san,
thank you!

And then, the staff working on the special videos
for the Momoclo-chan DVD came down too
And thanks to announcer Hironaka too!!

We were all out in the cold,
but we had such a good time (p`・ω・´q)