Posted on 2014-02-11 01:31:25

This is Taka-san!

Even the gramps at the neighbourhood greengrocer has started calling me Taka-san ^ ^

The snow yesterday was amazing-!
And we got to watch Yuming’s concert the other day too!
Naeba Naeba!
We learnt so many things!
And it was fun!!
Taka-san was satisfied as she was embraced by gentleness while listening to “Rouge no Dengon”!
The snow at Naeba was amazing, and we got to ski in the morning!
Taka-san’s bad at skiing, remember?
I’m still traumatised by last year’s incident at Naeba, where I sped in a straight line at high speed, but I could ski well this year!
Though I was so frightened at first!

I’ll start from even higher ground next time-!

My nose always turns bright red even at slightly lower temperatures, and I hate that.
Everyone always asks me “are you really that cold?”- ( ̄◇ ̄;)

But snow really makes me so excited-!
It was the first time Ze-kun had seen so much snow, so he was so shocked (laugh)
Too cute… I’m watching him now… He’s really the cutest in the world!!
He’s been so cute recently that it makes my heart hurt. (laugh)

Oh dear, I’ve gone totally off-topic.
Yes, snow may be fun, but it can be dangerous too, right?
It can make you slip and fall-
That’s dangerous, so be careful!