Posted on 2014-02-14 22:04:50

On the 11th, we had our annual
Momoclo Club xoxo Valentine live ^ ^
To everyone who came or watched the LV or supported us!!

Thank you!
It was a concert filled with stuff, following up from last year’s Valentine event-!

We did a radio drama, Matsumoto Akiko-san taught us something precious, there was a board game, and surprise guest Shimizu Michiko-san taught us about imitations…
There’s just too many things to write about!

It was so much fun!!
And when the live was over, I was in a really strange mood (laugh)
As if a festival had ended!

Valentine’s comes once a year!
Did our feelings reach out to everyone?
And I received lots of friendship chocolates from everyone!
I’m so full now ^ ^ (laugh)

Alright, and then, today’s Valentine’s Day!
Let’s deliver our gratitude to everyone!
With scarlet Ghana, of course (laugh)