Posted on 2014-02-14 21:47:47

Momoclo’s Valentine event was hot & sticky and so sweet 

We had a public recording event
Momoiro Clover Z Momoclo Club ×◯×◯ ~Valentine DE NIGHT da~Z! 2014

at Yokohama Arena (`・ω・´)

To everyone who came to the venue
and everyone who watched the LV at various locations from Hokkaido to Okinawa
Thank you! (*´ω`*)

It was so much fun 

This year was an enjoyable live too
with a short drama! live performances!
and a correspondence corner with the listeners- (*´艸`*)

And announcer Yoshida
who would have gone on pushing us all around if noone put a stop it it!

Thank you 

Shimizu Michiko-san, who performed together with us at the Hibiya Outdoor Music Hall Fest,
was our guest!

Shimizu Michiko-san is so kind and interesting,
she’s such a great person~

Thank you 

And then, Matsumoto Akiko-san was a guest too!
Thank you 

Aarin wants to write…

In more detail…

but please listen to the radio instead ヾ(*・ω・*)ノ

2 days ago,
a super cool robot appeared and transformed into Aarin (laugh)

Her name is Aarin Mega Cop! 

She’s so strong and cool~ (°∀° )/

She couldn’t really dance…and it felt really horrible.

She’s already caused so much trouble to the other members and the staff

And most importantly… to all the Mononofu who came down to have a good time, I’m so sorry.

really wanted to go closer to everyone—-

As she stood on stage and watched the other members move closer to the audience and have so much fun,

Aarin really wished she could fly, so that she could be with everyone too.

Aarin wants to dance and run for everyone again soon ♪


 Sasaki Ayaka