Posted on 2014-02-09 21:20:10

Alright, this report’s a little late…

But before that
…Whoa, that was shocking (* *)

Yesterday, when I went outside,
the usual scenery I always see
had been turned into a world of silver… .:*:゜☆

Wow, it’s been a long time
since I last saw such an amazing snowscape in Tokyo (* *)

I’m sure that snow really does have magical power
And seeing it just makes our hearts race- .:*:゜☆

…And when I thought about it,
That’s right, I’d seen snow like that before ^^;

At Naeba☆☆☆

It’s a totally different snowscape there
as compared to what we’re having in Tokyo now

But both Naeba and Tokyo are beautiful .:*:゜☆

Actually, I went to watch
Yuming’s live concert de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

Yuming’s voice was really amazing (* *)
I think it’s really amazing how she can continue to sing those wonderful songs year after year
And it still manages to reach us (* *)

And then- The band
was led by Director Takebe,
who was always a constant support for us ♪

The entire venue was wrapped up in Yuming’s world during the concert
and it felt like I was being swallowed up by a dream world ♪

My Mama has been obsessed with Yuming since her youth
Even now, she still owns lots of Yuming’s record discs
And she often laments that we don’t own a record player so she can’t listen to them! ^^;

Especially the album with “Futou wo wataru kaze”, and “Toki no nai hotel”
She listened to them so much that the records were all worn out!!

And she always gets really tenacious when talking about Yuming,
so much so that she just can’t stop herself (laugh)

And then and then, well,
does everyone remember the huge disgrace(?!) at that ski resort 2 years ago?!!!

it’s nothing amazing…
But somehow, I managed to ski successfully this time round (`・Θ・´)

You may not believe it…

But it’s true..!!

I did stumble sometimes, but it was easier to smile and look good now de-ariyasu (lol)

Maybe Aarin, who couldn’t ski this time,
would be inspired by me? ^^;
(Aarin ♪ Let’s all ski together next time (*・Θ-*))

because I hadn’t skiied for such a long time
I woke up the next morning with severe muscle aches…

Probably because I strained some muscles which I don’t normally use (cries)

Ah! I’ve talked about lots of things
and this entry has become so long again (-Θ-;)

Anyway, the “Ichidaiji” of yesterday
was definitely the great snowfall! (* *)

So great that it’s so difficult to walk!!!

I’ll be staying home for now
and it seems like the snow won’t be stopping soon

Everyone! Be really careful when you’re outdoors (`・Θ・´)

Especially for today!!

Be careful at night too!!

Don’t get hurt— (`・Θ・´)

1. SURF&SNOW is the name of the live concert by Yuming (Matsutoya Yumi) on 6-7 Feb at Naeba.