Posted on 2014-02-14 22:19:48

ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=(o・・)o Vroom

Sorry sorry!!
I’m late because of the snow ><

Ye-s everyone~
Chocolate for you- ♪(*・Θ・*)

I didn’t get to handmake them this year (>Θ<)
everyone who came to the Valentine event a while back
received this scarlet Ghana~~~ ❤ ❤

Filled with passionate love (*・Θ-*)

And a bonus ♪

This were madeleines given out to all the staff annually
But as I said, they aren’t handmade this year ^^;;

And so
if it didn’t turn out to be the Valentine’s everyone was looking forward to
I’m sorry… (TΘT)

But my feelings will surely reach out to everyone!!

A LOVE beam from Momokaーーーーーーーーー(*`・Θ・´*)

Did you get it~~~?!!

And so, it’s been a few days,
and I’ve yet to report on the Valentine event, right? ^^;

Firstly- to all who came (from afar?!)
And all who sent their support through LV
Thank you- (*^^*)

Did we manage to reach out to you?!

Matsumoto Akiko-san was a guest
and we put up a small drama too
(To think that my word jumbling actually became a Kichijouji succession (+ +;))

Shimizu Michiko-san taught us about imitations
(I’m Momoemon ♪(=^Θ^=) )

There was a huge board game in the middle of Yokohama Arena too

Ah! I even did the ebizori in the confusion of the moment (laugh)

And then, yes yes-, the happiest thing
was that we could travel all over the venue ♪

I saw everyone’s faces up close
Your smiles and power and voices reached me (*^Θ^*)

Lots of other things happened as announcer Yoshida guided us around and the event was finally concluded successfully (lol)

Great job to everyone who took part in the event (*^^*)

And to everyone who watched the LV or couldn’t make it due to work,
we managed to receive your love too- (*^^*)

I’m really so happy and thankful that we get to interact with everyone like this
once a year every year during Valentine’s ♪

Nippon Broadcasting-san,
please support us next year too (^m^)

So, there’s only a short while left
before the White Valentine’s ends ♪

I wish happiness to all lovers~ (* ̄▽ ̄*)

For all singles,
let’s have a happy Valentine’s ♪
together with me de-ariyasu (*・Θ-*) ← Please don’t reject me-!!

It’s snowing really heavily, so be careful!!
Shovelling snow will be tough, so don’t get injured!!