Posted on 2014-02-06 01:07:18

An Aarin parade. (laugh)


DO-N DO-N DO-N DO—-N (。-∀-)


It’s been really cold. (laugh)

Aarin can’t let go of her hot beverage. (laugh)

Though the almanac says that it’s already spring~

Ah, for Setsubun this year
Aarin did bean throwing with Kanako-chan ・。°~ ヾ(・ω・ )

And ate ehomaki with Tomomin-!

Will it be cold tomorrow too? (´・д・`)

Aarin will go to sleep wearing fluffy socks- (´-ω-`)

Good night! image image

image Sasaki Ayaka image

1. Setsubun is the day before the beginning of Spring in Japan. The name literally means “seasonal division”, and is celebrated yearly on February 3 as part of the Spring Festival.
2. Ehomaki is a sushi roll usually eaten on Setsubun.
3. One traditional practice of Setsubun is to throw roasted beans either out the door or at a member of the family wearing a demon mask, while saying “Demons out! Luck in!”.