Posted on 2014-02-02 22:23:16

Ever since Nissan DVD-chan visited our house,
it’s been on endless~repeat every single day. (laugh)

For “Kuroi Shuumatsu”.
Reni-chan took off too much of her skirt, didn’t she? (laugh)

That moment
when Reni-chan coughed and the stage became bright!

After realizing that her skirt was different from the other 4 of ours,
Reni-chan was all “What?!” as she secretly checked out her skirt. That was the best part- ( ̄∀ ̄) (laugh)

It’s been curled back unintentionally (laugh)

this is like some Oriental performance group, right? (laugh)

↑ Just watch the DVD making-of, and you’ll get it. (laugh)

And wow-,
Aarin loves the ending of “Kuroi Shuumatsu”! 

We all got so high~ (laugh)

Hey hey,
and today is twintails day too. (laugh)

So Aarin did her hair in twintails (*∩ω∩)

How-is-it? (laugh)

…Ah, oh yes!

Thank you for teaching Aarin
how to change the guitar strings and more! (*^ω^*)

But Aarin still had no confidence in herself
so she got it done at an musician’s shop afterall. (laugh)

But she did read everyone’s instructions!
And the shop owner did explain it all to her!

So she’ll be able to do it on her own the next time (`・ω・´)

By the way, right now-.

She’s strumming the chords for
“Sakuranbo”, “SUMMER SONG”, “Natsu matsuri”, “Aozora” and “Hikari he”-♪ (laugh)

 Sasaki Ayaka 


1. 2 Feb (2/2) is twintails day in Japan.