Posted on 2014-01-31 23:07:41

Look look-!

Here it is!

Hotei-san’s book!

He’s so cool- 

… So cool- (*∩ω∩)

Now Aarin feels like watching
the Nissan DVD again- (-^艸^-)

She’d love to read through it carefully
but Mama is hogging it right now. (laugh)

Ah- tomorrow,
Aarin will start on her guitar practice- ♪

She hopes to be able to play it well (∂ω∂) 

She wants to stick lots of pics on a standing mike,
then play the guitar as she sings- ♪

…But before that,
can someone teach me how to replace the strings?! (laugh)

Please-teach-me-how— (laugh)

My self-instruction is crawling along at a turtle’s pace (´・д・`)

 Sasaki Ayaka