Posted on 2014-01-19 23:42:48

The anime Kouhaku Utagassen was held today!

Thank you to everyone
who came to watch it-!

Aarin is so sorry that she couldn’t dance!

In exchange(?),
Aarin robot came to sing for everyone  (laugh)

It’s the Nippon Broadcasting version robot! (。・ω・)ノ゛

She’s aiming to become the official mascot for Nippon Broadcasting! (laugh)

She’ll be waiting for the offer. (laugh)

Aarin appeared on stage, wheeled out on a pushcart by Shiorin
She was really nervous to appear in front of everyone.

But I really felt the support
from all the members.

I couldn’t even move much during the performance
because I had to stay close to the standing mike at all times

But everyone changed their positionings so that they could include me,
and I was even put in the centre spot for the last chorus of “Pinky Jones”.

Everyone took the effort to stick close to me,
and during the line “gyakkyou koso ga chansu da ze” (even adversity is a chance)

I really felt like crying.

Changing the positionings must have been so much work, but everyone did it with a smile, and I could really feel their kindness
And that’s what I love most about them-!!

And then, the 4 of them formed “Momoiro Sphere”,
a collab with Sphere-san-!

I watched it all from the audience seat- (laugh)

They were all so cool 

I’m really sorry for being a burden to Sphere-san too!

Everyone in Sphere were so worried about me,
and I was really happy when they said “let’s do it again next time, all 9 of us!”!

Thank you!

Most importantly,
all the Mononofu were waiting for us with smiles.

It made me so happy!

I was a little worried
because I didn’t know if everyone would be mad at me-? (laugh)

Reni-chan, Kanako-chan, Shiorin, Momoka,
If they and the Mononofu were not with me

I don’t think I would have been able to stand on stage with this injury.

Thank you all so much. (`・ω・´)

 Sasaki Ayaka