Posted on 2014-01-12 23:54:59

Yesterday was the Pepsi Zero LIVE

Everyone throughout the nation drank lots of Pepsi
in order to take part and win tickets, right-?!

Even my second cousin living in Kyoto (Eh?!! S-second cousin? Σ(゚д゚;)) won a ticket and came all the way to watch the show. I was so shocked!!

Everyone, thank you so much

I’m so thankful to everyone
who supported us, from the bottom of my heart

I love health!!
I love Pepsi!!
Seriously-!! Pepsi is the best!!!!!

Everyone who didn’t manage to win tickets
also sent us cheers from far away,
I’m sure of that~ And while thinking of them (*’-’).:*:゜☆
Together with everyone at the concert yesterday
we finally held
a true “Momoclo” live yesterday (*・Θ-*)

“Ah, ah, this is it!!”
A live that’s all Momoclo ♪

Even though I like cool concerts
where we focus on building concepts and creating a story

Freestyle lives like this
which showcase “THE Momoclo!!”

are really fun too, especially if we haven’t done anything like that recently

And wow, we somehow performed
Chai Maxx 4 times throughout the concert (^m^)

And~ everyone danced along with us- (laugh)

The third time with the high-speed Chai Maxx was so exciting ↑↑ too~
Performing high-speed Chai Maxx with everyone at the venue
was the best fun!

I hope to do it again~ (*’-’).:*:゜☆

Ah! It wasn’t just 2x speed, but 3x faster than normal!!

Everyone, please up the speed
and practice at home- ♪
Alright? (laugh)

There’ll be more lives in Jan~Feb,
with the anime Kouhaku, Valentine event and EX theatre,
so we’ll get to meet with lots more people (*^^*)

And then, Kokuritsu in March will be here before we know it
The year has just begun,
but spring will be upon us really soon

I’ve been waiting ♪ for spring!

Ah! By the way,
I haven’t written anything about today yet ^^;

we did a recording for Bokura no ongaku
together with everyone in Ebichuu-chan and Shachihoko-chan-

We sang Nanairo no Stardust ♪ (*・Θ-*)

The OA will be on 24th ☆ Everyone, please watch it-

Ah-! When I reached home,
I heard Mr Children playing 

By the way, in the SENSE DVD,
it began raining so hard halfway through the concert!!

Ah! By the way, I love blood orange’s “LOVE hajimemashita”,
but SUPERMARKET’s is my favourite ☆

I also love “Gitai” and “hypnosis” ♪
(Oh! I didn’t understand the title at first, and I had to Google it ^^;)

Listening to Mr Children’s CDs are awesome,
but the live DVDs are amazing too,
so I recommend it to everyone

And GILLE-san too, whom I’ve been listening to lots recently
Her singing is great, and listening to her calms me down ♪

Ah— Sorry for ranting about music
and making this entry so long (;´▽`A“

Sorry sorry!!

Thank you for always reading to the end~ ❤