Posted on 2014-01-08 00:48:12

Mummy made Nanakusa porridge for breakfast today ( ´▽`)

With this, I’ll remain healthy this year too ☆

And then, because Tamai-san kept telling me that she was “bored, bored-!” (laugh)
We went to visit a shrine, a cafe and a bookstore together (。-∀-)

And then, we bought

a gourmet book!! ( ̄▽ ̄)

We plan to use this book as reference and try out some restaurants recommended in it (。-∀-)

And then, it’s a little late, but these photos were from Kouhaku!!

We wore costumes inspired by the Kinkakuji, and idol costumes underneath that (*´ω`*)

I was so nervous…about the quick change in costumes-!

And then and then, we ran into Korokke-san and Hayashi Osamu-sensei,
who took photos with us (*゜▽゜*)

Me: “Sensei! Please coach me in my studies!!!”
Hayashi-sensei: “Definitely not!!!” (immediate answer)– (lol)

He might have rejected me, but his reply still made me so happy (*゜▽゜*)

Thank you!! (laugh)

As was our custom last year,
we welcomed the new year together at the backstage area in NHK, where we formed a circle and jumped! together about 3 minutes before we were to go on standby. This year, Maa-kun rushed in about 15 seconds earlier and we did it together!!!

So we welcomed the year together with Maa-kun ( ´▽`)


1. Nanakusa porridge is a salty rice gruel and vegetable dish eaten at the beginning of each year to ward off illness and disaster. Nanakusa refers to the seven plants of spring, which include Japanese parsley, shepherd’s purse, cottonweed, chickweed, Japanese nipplewort, turnip and rockcress.
2. The Kinkakuji or Golden Pavilion is the most eyecatching detail in the Kinkakuji garden complex, a Zen Buddhist attraction in Kyoto, Japan. It is a three-story building of which the top two stories are covered with pure gold leaf.
3. Korokke is a Japanese comedian, imitation artist and singer. (in 3rd image)
4. Hayashi Osamu is a Japanese (National Language) teacher at Toshin High School, a cram school for university entrance exams. He is the most famous teacher in Japan at the moment after he acted in a TV commercial for Toshin High School in 2011. (in 4th image)
5. Maa-kun is the nickname for baseball player Tanaka Masahiro, a professional baseball starting pitcher for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles of Nippon Professional Baseball, and a fan of Momoclo.