Posted on 2014-01-07 00:21:06

Year of the horse, year of the horse~ ヽ(´▽`)/♪

Today, I’ve finally
escaped from the 2013 mood. (laugh)

I went for my first shrine visit this year, then to Granny’s place,
then to watch movies, and shopping with friends
My break was so full of activities ( ´艸`)

I’ll dash through 2014 too-!!!

We had our first live of the year on the 4th!!
“Ore no Fujii 2014” was held at Maebashi Green Dome
It’s been a year since the last 3B live!!

Because all the different groups were gathered together,
even lessons were really exciting and fun ヽ(´▽`)/

We got to watch part of the live too,
and it made us all ready and excited for our own turn (*゜▽゜*)

And I’m the type who gets really nervous before lives, which makes my throat super dry. So I always drink too much water and have to visit the bathroom right before showtime. (laugh)

And because I’ll always be in full costume by then, it’s always extra work for my stylists to help me undress 
Sorry, Kome-chan  (laugh)

Thanks to her, I always feel refreshed before showtime! (laugh)

After the live, Towa-chan from Takoyaki Rainbow came over to visit me,
and said this to me while in tears, “I really respect Kanako-chan, and I want to become a great center just like you!”!

That made me really happy!!
Even though I’m totally not that great 
It made me want to work even harder in the future, so I’ll need to buck up!!

So that the girl who respects me will never lose that feeling (^^)

Towa-chan is currently in 8th grade,
about the same age as myself when I first joined Momoclo, but I totally don’t remember anything about my 8th grade life. Oh well, I’ve always been this way (lol)

I’m sure she’ll become a better leader than me (´ω`)

In other news, I went jogging around the venue together with Ebichuu-chan before the show… (laugh)

I’m really happy to have got to talk to so many of them ( ´▽`)

Oh. Congrats to Fujii-san on his wedding (。-∀-) 

Kawakami-san used to lie to me that Fujii-san’s wife is a foreigner 

I wish you happiness–!!!!!!

Goodnight (´ω`)☆


1. Narasaki Towa is a member of Takoyaki Rainbow.