It’s almost unbelievable,
the shock and the joy
cannot be described in words.
An amazing thing was announced
at Seibu Dome on midwinter.

2days at the National Stadium

The moment when a dream comes true still feels like a dream,
and I still feel like pinching my cheek now to make sure.

When we performed at Kouhaku Utagassen last year,
the dream we had from when we first formed came true,
and I really believed that dreams do come true.
This time again, our old dream has come true too,
is it possible to feel so much happiness…?

Everyone at the venue sang the announcement together with Matsuzaki-san.
After the announcement, we ran closer to everyone,
and I felt that we were truly supported by so much love.
I felt gratitude from my heart.

Our dream has been granted
by all the Mononofu.

The Mononofu who couldn’t come to the venue
have always shared our joy and tears
together with us.
And we always hear wonderful stories about the Mononofu from different people.
Mononofu are really the best.

Let’s run on together from now on too!

And then, at Seibu Dome on midwinter

Wow, everyone was really out in the cold,
thank you so much!

A midwinter’s Momokuri.
I had lots of anxieties,
but with all the fans,
the downtown Momoclo band, athlete Suguri Fumie,
and all the staff,
we felt so much warmth
and had the best concert to end off 2013!

To the downtown Momoclo band, who are always so much fun,
and always kindly watching us from the back and supporting us, you are wonderful.

And we also received
lots of wonderful words
from athlete Suguri Fumie after the concert.
Athlete Suguri, your performance was really cool.

Everyone, thank you so much!
It was a wonderful 2013!

…But it’s not over yet! (laugh)

Shiorin Image


1. Matsuzaki Shigeru is a Japanese singing, actor and talent.
2. Fumie Suguri is a Japanese figure skater. She is a three-time World medalist, a three-time Four Continents champion, the 2003 Grand Prix Final champion, and a five-time Japanese national champion.