Everyon who came to Seibu-
Did every~one get home safe-?? Image

Did anyone catch a cold??

To everyone who came from afar
and everyone who supported us through Live Viewing
and everyone who watched the live streaming at home,
Everyone~ thank you so much Image Image

Being able to spend the same time ☆ at this year’s Momokuri
is the best memory for me!! Image

I’ll never forget it- Image Image

Ah! To everyone who couldn’t watch it because of work,
please wait for the video (*・Θ-*)

I’m sure it’ll give you a wonderful time .:*:゜☆

Alright, I’ve done a flying already
So again~ for the second time

Merry Christmas Image Image

I made it in timeeeee (laugh)

And then, thank you
for so many quick comments Image

There was a shocking announcement at Seibu Dome (* *)

In that moment, we were truly frozen
and so shocked that we didn’t know what was going on

But we!!

At that National Stadium!!

We’re going to hold a concert there (*T T*)

Once again, I’m reminded of how
people are unable to speak when they are too happy (*Θ*)

And then, it’ll be held for 2days on 15/3 and 16/3

Which coincidentally falls on my birthday
Which was another shock (* *)

I’m really so so grateful that my birthday
falls on a Saturday de-ariyasu (*`・Θ・´*)

Our dream has come true, thanks to everyone Image

I’m feeling…the best and highest happiness now!

There’s still a part of me that can’t believe it,
and my heart is so full of excitement
that my hands are fumbling ^^;

But everyone’s cheers at Seibu Dome then
still ring in my ears now,
and that scene is seared onto my eyes

So this is surely not a dream
but reality ☆

A single true reality
that millions who have always supported us
through concerts, our blogs and other places,
have made true together with us ☆

The vague illusion-like dream
we made at Kokuritsugawa (←does everyone remember this?!!)
has really come true, just like that Image

Wow!! What is this-?
Mononofu’s power? (* *)

Uuuuuh, I’m going to cry… (*T T*)

And I promised on UStream just now that “I won’t cry!!”,
but I’ve broken that promise…

My mind was really blank
as if everything had been blown away Image

And so,
I’ve come late here to report
to those who could not come…

For the concert,
we revealed a new song, as per Momokuri tradition,
and also sang a song by Twinkle5
(Oh! Thank you to everyone who watched the drama! *^^*)

Yes yes, and we dashed through the venue on bicycles again

And then and then,
athlete Suguri Fumie performed a wonderful skating show
on the ice rink on stage
(The piano collab with Shiroi kaze was godly-!!)

We spent the very best time
with so much performances during this midwinter’s Momokuri
while enjoying the cold Image

And the support from downtown Momoclo band
who always helps us out and gets us all high
(I always enjoy a live band performance ♪)

To spend the best and happiest Christmas with everyone,
I’m just so happy! Image

To everyone who came
And everyone who delivered their voices, lights, smiles and power to us

And everyone who delivered through Live Viewing to us from afar

And then, everyone who sent us cheers from wherever they are

All of us, thank you so much Image Image

Did our smiles and love reach out to you-?? Image

The live broadcast will air on Fuji TV’s NEXT today (19:00~)

M-Sta Super Live on the 27th


Then National Stadium

Then then, our next step on the road…

The 3B event on 4 Jan,
Pepsi Zero live,
Mu~comi’s anime Kouhaku,
and Valentine’s event ♪

We’ll meet everyone again

The happiness won’t stop Image

The “thank you”s won’t stop Image

The you today will make the dream tomorrow come true.

Ah! But Momoclo’s dreams
will come true because of everyone Image Image


1. Kokuritsugawa is written “国立川”, a combination of the words “国立” kokuritsu and “立川” Tachikawa. The term was coined in November 2011, during the launch event for single “Roudou sanka”, which took place on the rooftop of “Tachikawa from chuubu” building. During the event, the girls spoke of their wish to perform at the National Stadium, which is located in the nearby town, and so combined the names of these 2 places to give “kokuritsugawa”.
2. Fumie Suguri is a Japanese figure skater. She is a three-time World medalist, a three-time Four Continents champion, the 2003 Grand Prix Final champion, and a five-time Japanese national champion.