GOUNN tour was held yesterday
IN Sendai!!

It was the tour finale!

The tour started out in September.
Regardless of whether it was a long or short journey, it was a super strong and wonderful tour!

This tour’s theme was
“the cycle of birth, death and rebirth”.

Kume Akira-san’s narration,
which played between the songs and after the show,
really got to my heart, and each live helped to clease my mood!

It’ll be really great
if all the fans who came to watch the show felt that way too ^ ^

The Mononofu at Sendai
were so powerful too, and we had a live that was fitting of the finale-!!

We also performed “Itsuka kimi ga”,
GOUNN’s coupling track, for the first time…

And some mysterious idols appeared too… (laugh)

It was an exciting live (*^o^*)!

My friends from Onagawa town came too!

Thank you for such a wonderful time.

And thank you to everyone who watched the live streaming too!

The GOUNN tour is over.
To the many staff-san,
and all the performers who got so crazy with us!
And all the fans, thank you-!!

Ah, we performed at the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles fan thanksgiving event today too!

I’ll talk about that in detail next time…!

Shiorin Image


1. Kume Akira – actor
2. Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles – Baseball team