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Hiroshima Green Arena ☆ Day 1!!!
14 July 2013. 13:45

Today is the day when I can truly feel the beginning of summer right on my skin, after the rainy season has abated following midsummer’s.

Yesterday, we had Day 1 ☆ at Hiroshima Green Arena after 1 year of being away! (^_-)-☆

Everyone at Hiroshima is truly so excitable, as we felt from the warm welcome we received from the fans at Hiroshima Airport ♪

During the live, everyone never lost out to the heat from beginning to end, and showed us their hot hearts as they got high! \(^o^)/

What was really impressive was the nonstop, loud cheers!!!

And so, here are the commemorative photos of the memories of everyone who took part in that hot hot night of Day 1 ☆ at Hiroshima Green Arena with a DO-N! (*^_^*)

Thank you to everyone for cooperating with our photographers m(__)m

Let’s get high for Day 2 ☆ at Hiroshima too (^-^)/